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has developed taste and skill behind the decks of the most relevant Berlin hot spots, radio waves, and beyond.
Lola’s palpable passion for music emerges in her DJ sets, showing an eclectic range from house, disco, garage, and dub to afro and indie. She always maintains a balance between re-implementing known classics and new hits in her mixes, never failing to surprise and delight her listeners.
Apart from being home in clubs, Lola also began her monthly residency at Berlin Community Radio back in 2015, where she has invited true musical connoisseurs such as Estimulo or Berghain-offspring Nitam to talk about music and share guest mixes.
So cut the chatter and enjoy…and believe this: This girl surely knows how to push (your) buttons.


Corporate Events
Party for Edwin Europe
Clubs & Bars
about:blank (Berlin), Tresor (Berlin), Chalet Club (Berlin), Salon zur wilden Renate (Berlin), Farbfernseher (Berlin), Prince Charles (Berlin), ACUD (Berlin), Soho House (Berlin) Neue Odessa Bar (Berlin), Grand Hyatt (Berlin), Bohnengold (Berlin), 60Hz (Berlin), Golem (Hamburg), Kraniche Bei Den Elbbruecken (Hamburg), Label Barge (Lille/FR)